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Plastic Cups Make Perfect Mini Greenhouses for Seed Starting

Submit an Entry: Seed Starting with Reused Containers

By cookiekins40

Items I Reuse for Starting Seeds

I reuse the clear plastic cups my smoothies and iced coffee drinks come in to start seeds. They are the perfect mini-greenhouse! Take the lids off when the seedlings get a couple of sets of leaves, and they acclimatize very well.

Makes me feel like my guilty pleasure isn't quite so bad when I do it!

Tips for Using This Item for Seed Starting

I put a few pebbles in the bottom of the cup before I add the soil for drainage. These cups are ideal for starting just a few seeds at once, and I really love starting fruit seeds this way. I have a small orchard now, with everything from a cherry tree, to pears and a lemon tree, too!


  • Take the lid off the container after the seedlings develop a couple of sets of leaves to let them acclimatize before repotting into a bigger container.

Colleen Vanderlinden, About.com Organic Gardening, says:

I have done this for my own seed starting, and it really works well. Thanks for sharing!

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