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Identifying and Controlling Yellow Woodsorrel


This is the flower of the Yellow Woodsorrel.

This is the flower of the Yellow Woodsorrel.

Colleen Vanderlinden

Weed Name:

Yellow Woodsorrel. Botanical Name: Oxalis stricta.


Yellow Woodsorrel has foliage that resembles that of clover, except that the foliage usually looks as if it has been folded up the center of each leaf. The flowers of Yellow Woodsorrel are bright yellow, measure approximately 1/2 of an inch, and are made up of five petals. The plant forms thick clumps in open ground such as lawns and flower beds.

LIfe Cycle and Reproduction:

Yellow Woodsorrel reproduces from seed, which set from late summer through fall. It also occasionally reproduces from pieces of stem.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Woodsorrel:

The key here is diligence, and making sure that yellow woodsorrel is not allowed to set seed. Yellow woodsorrel should be dug out or pulled, getting as much of the root as possible, on first sight.

How to Prevent Yellow Woodsorrel:

Yellow Woodsorrel thrives in open, fertile soil, which is why it can be such a pain in lawns and garden beds. To prevent it from popping up in lawns, make sure that you maintain thick, healthy turf. Seed or sod any bare spots, because that is where Yellow Woodsorrel will eventually pop up. Mulch garden beds with a two to three inch layer of organic mulch to prevent Yellow Woodsorrel from making a home amongst your perennials or vegetables.

Uses for Yellow Woodsorrel:

All parts of Yellow Woodsorrel are edible, and have a bright, tangy flavor. The leaves and blossoms can be added to salad as a decorative touch, and a lemony drink can be made from the foliage.

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