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Organic Weed Control

Without chemicals, controlling weeds can seem like an impossible task. Through identifying the weeds in your garden, as well as the conditions in which they thrive, you can prevent many of the weed problems many gardeners encounter. This section also contains directions for organic weed control methods.

How can I get rid of weeds in my sidewalk or driveway?
Here are some simple, organic methods for getting rid of weeds in sidewalks, driveways, patios, and between pavers.

Organic Weed Control
Weeds are a fact of gardening life. As organic gardeners, we choose not to depend on synthetic chemical sprays for controlling our weeds. Effective organic weed control methods include correctly identifying your weeds, learning about their life cycle, and knowing the best way to control them. This article will help you with all three.

Identifying and Controlling Yellow Woodsorrel
Yellow Woodsorrel is a weed that resembles a clover, but with small yellow flowers. This article explains how to identify and control yellow woodsorrel in the garden.

Bindweed: Controlling Bindweed
Bindweed is a vining weed with morning glory-like flowers. This article will tell you how to get rid of bindweed without using chemicals.

Dandelions: Prevention and Control
Dandelions are the most common weed in most American gardens. They grow particularly well in their preferred conditions, spread easily, and can quickly get out of hand if left to their own devices. Thankfully, breaking out the weed spray is totally unnecessary if you do a few key things to control them.

Plantains: Prevention and Control
Plantains are the second most common lawn weed (behind dandelions) plaguing gardeners. They thrive in certain conditions, so preventing them from getting a foothold in your garden is an important step. If you have them, there are a couple easy ways to get rid of them and prevent them from spreading further.

Preventing Weeds
A successful weed strategy focuses on preventing weeds from making a home in your garden in the first place. This article outlines several strategies for guarding your garden against weeds.

Twelve of the Most Common Weeds
This article from Organic Gardening Magazine identifies the top twelve most common weeds.

Weeds: An Organic Strategy
Dealing with weeds organically is part methodology, part philosophy. This article provides some good guidelines for organic weed control.

Identifying and Controlling Giant Hogweed
Information for identifying and controlling giant hogweed organically.

Tips for Organic Weed Control
Here are tips for dealing with weeds organically in your garden!

Organic Methods for Getting Rid of Poison Ivy in Your Garden
Organic poison ivy control.

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