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'Lemon' Heirloom Summer Squash


For a unique, sweet, very prolific summer squash, consider growing 'Lemon.'
lemon summer squash

'Lemon' heirloom summer squash.

Photo courtesy of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

It's the shape, size, and color of a lemon, but 'Lemon' summer squash is sweet and tender, and useful for a variety of purposes from gently steaming or grilling to using in dishes like zucchini bread. A mid-season variety that seems to have less trouble with pests such as squash vine borer, 'Lemon' will produce a steady harvest of tender little squashes up until frost.

One thing to note about 'Lemon' -- all summer squashes need plenty of room, but 'Lemon' really needs a lot of room. The vines of this heirloom are more like that of a winter squash -- they ramble along the ground, extending as far as four feet out from the plant. The fruits form along the vines, much the way pumpkins do. If you are looking for something a little different, and have plenty of room in your garden, consider giving 'Lemon' a try.

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