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Starting an Organic Garden

Whether you are starting an organic garden from scratch or converting a conventional garden to an organic one, you'll find plenty of information in this section to help you get started.

How to Start an Organic Vegetable Garden
Here is what you need to know to start your own organic vegetable garden. From site selection to figuring out the right size, to amending the soil and planting your new organic vegetable garden.

Reader Tips for Building a Raised Bed Garden - How to Build a Raised …
Advice and tips about making a raised bed garden from About Organic Gardening readers.

How to Direct Sow Garden Seeds
Direct sowing is the simplest method for growing plants from seed, but it can also be a bit of an uncertain method. There are a few things you can do to ensure success with direct sowing. This article provides five tips for successfully direct sowing garden seeds.

Making a Great Lasagna (Garden)
What are the best items to add to a lasagna garden?

10 Places to Buy Organic Seeds
More seed companies are offering organic seeds, and supporting these companies is a good way to show that we want more organics in the marketplace. Besides the fact that purchasing organic seeds allows us to "vote with our wallet," it also ensures that our gardens are 100% organic. Some of us may be more interested in that idea than others, and...

What Equipment Do I Need to Start Plants from Seed?
Here is a list of everything you will need to successfully start plants from seed indoors.

Starting an Organic Garden
From selecting a site and testing the soil to preparing a bed and buying plants, learn everything you need to know to successfully make a new organic garden.

How to Make a New Garden Bed - The Newspaper Method of Making a New Garden
This simple, no-dig method for making a new garden bed is perfect for making a large garden with very little time and effort.

How to Buy Healthy Plants
This article will explain which signs to look for when buying plants.

How To Start a New Organic Garden
Making a new organic garden requires a bit of work up front, but it is a simple process. From selecting a site to choosing and installing your plants, this article provides the tips and techniques you need to start an organic garden that will thrive.

How to Make a Raised Bed
Here are some of the advantages to growing in a raised bed, and instructions for making one!

Lasagna Gardening
Lasagna gardens are no-dig, no-till gardens that are created by layering organic materials wherever you want to make a new garden. Also called "sheet composting," lasagna gardening is eco-friendly and easy.

What Do They Mean by Full Sun, Partial Sun, and So On?
We see it over and over again on plant tags, in magazine and web articles, and in garden books: full sun, part shade, dappled sun. What do these phrases really mean? About.com Gardening Guide Marie Iannotti explains it all.

Ruth Stout's System: The No-Till Garden
Ruth Stout pioneered a system of gardening called "no-till" gardening. The system is easy on the gardener and excellent for the soil. This reprint from her book "Gardening Without Work" explains the system.

How to Prevent Your Seedlings from Getting Leggy
It's a common problem among indoor seed-starters: leggy seedlings. Here's what causes seedlings to get leggy, and how to avoid it.

How to Thin Seedlings - Thinning Seedlings
How to Thin Seedlings - Thinning Seedlings

How to Make Plant Labels from a Plastic Milk Jug
Here's an idea for making free, simple plant labels from a plastic milk jug.

What Causes Green Algae on Seed Starting Mix?
Has the surface of your seed starting mix started turning green? Here's what causes it, and how it will affect your seedlings.

Wildflower Seed Balls for the Midwest
If you're interested in making wildflower seedballs to use in the Midwest, here are the best seeds to include in your mix.

What is Square Foot Gardening?
The Square Foot Gardening method, created by Mel Bartholomew, helps gardeners grow more food in less space. Here are the basics of how to grow a square foot garden.

Starting Seeds Indoors
Here are complete instructions for starting seeds indoors for annuals, vegetables, and herbs.

How to Harden Off Seedlings
If you've started plants indoors from seed, you'll need to acclimate them to conditions in your garden before you plant them. This is called "hardening off." Here's how to do it.

10 Items to Reuse for Frugal Seed Starting
Starting your own plants from seed is a great, frugal option. It can save you even more money if you reuse items destined for the trash rather than shelling out money for flats and seed trays. Here are some frugal reuse ideas for seed starting.

Using Phenology in the Garden
Phenology is a traditional way of knowing when to do certain tasks in your garden. Here are some common phenological tips for your garden.

Gardening Tip: Getting Rid of Grass
If you're thinking of reducing your lawn and putting in a few more garden beds, you'll need to figure out a way to get rid of the grass effectively. Here are some ideas for getting rid of lawn areas.

Tips for Planning Your Garden
Here are tips to keep in mind when you're ready to plan your next garden.

Understanding the Laws About Organic Gardening
There is a difference between the term "organic" on a label, and using organic gardening methods at home. Learn about the legalities of commercial organic gardening and get access to official resources.

Tips for Growing Edible Plants Organically
Many gardeners are growing Victory Gardens and adding edible plants to their home landscapes. These five tips will help ensure gardening success!

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