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Recipe to Make Your Own Organic Soil-Based Potting Soil Mix


There are several organic potting soil mixes on the market, but if you have a lot of houseplants or you do a lot of container gardening, the price of all of that potting mix can add up quickly. Luckily, it's very inexpensive to make your own organic potting mix.

This mix, which is suitable for houseplants and container gardens, has only three ingredients. It is a bit heavier than soil-less mixes, so it's probably not your best choice for hanging baskets.

Soil-Based Potting Mix Recipe


  • 1 part finished compost or leaf mold, screened.
  • 1 part topsoil from your garden.
  • 1 part coarse sand (either horticultural sand or coarse builder's sand, which is found in the masonry section of most home improvement centers.)

A "part" can be whatever you need it to be: a scoop, a bucketful, a wheelbarrow load -- whatever works depending on how much potting mix you need. Simply combine all of the ingredients, and pot up your plants.

A Note About Pasteurizing Garden Soil

Some recipes will tell you that you should pasteurize any garden soil you plan to use in potting mixes. Other experts recommend avoiding pasteurizing potting soil unless you're using the mix for seed starting. In my experience, I don't bother pasteurizing garden soil that I add to my potting mixes, and I've never had any pest or disease problems as a result of doing so. But it's completely up to you -- either way will work.

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