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Soil Building

Healthy soil is the foundation for a healthy organic garden. Learn about testing your soil, improving its texture, and increasing its fertility. You can also learn about different types of soil amendments here.
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Healthy Soil, and How to Make It
What exactly qualifies as "good" soil? This article explains the characteristics of good garden soil, and outlines ways to improve your own garden soil.

Recipe to Make Your Own Organic Soil-Based Potting Soil Mix
Recipe for a simple soil-based organic potting mix made with garden soil, compost, and coarse sand.

Great Garden Soil: Why It Matters - Making it Great
What is great garden soil? Why is it so important, and, more importantly, how do you make yours great? This article from About.com Gardening Guide Marie Iannotti dishes the dirt on soil.

Preparing the Soil in Spring
Spring can be a tricky time for working in the garden. The soil has to be dried out enough for you to work in it. This article explains how to know that the time is right.

Potting Soil Recipes
It can be somewhat difficult to find quality organic potting soil mixes in home and garden centers. The best way to ensure quality is to mix some soil yourself. This article contains recipes for seedling mixes, soil-based mixes, and soil-less mixes.

How to Garden Safely If Your Soil is Contaminated
If you live in an older home or industrial area, you may have lead or zinc in your soil. You can still garden, but it is very important to do a few things to keep yourself and your family safe.

What is Mycorrhizal Fungi?
Wondering what mycorrhizal fungi is and how it can help you grow a healthier, more robust garden? This article explains it, and how you can encourage this helpful fungus to grow in your garden.

How to Make Healthy Garden Soil
Here are tips for building healthy soil, which will result in healthier plants and less pest and disease problems in your garden.

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