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Organic Pest Control

Gardening organically means that reaching for a chemical spray is no longer a solution to pest problems. From dealing with aphid infestations to rodent problems, you'll find plenty of organic pest control solutions here.

Protect Seedlings from Cutworms with a Toilet Paper Roll
If you've had issues with cutworms killing your seedlings in the past, here is a simple, effective solution for protecting your plants from these pests.

How to Identify and Control Cucumber Beetles
How to identify cucumber beetles in your garden, and organic solutions for getting rid of them.

Organic Methods for Controlling Colorado Potato Beetle
If you're wondering what's eating the foliage of your potato plants, or you've seen the tell-tale yellow and black striped beetles nearby, you're very likely dealing with Colorado potato beetle. Here are some organic methods for preventing an infestation, and how to deal with one when it happens.

Trap Slugs with Grapefruit Rinds
Here is a simple organic method for getting rid of slugs in your garden.

Identifying and Controlling Cutworms
Cutworms cause what can possibly be considered the cruelest damage to your plants. After you've coddled seeds and watched them grow into sturdy little seedlings, you walk out to the garden one morning to find them laying on the soil, as if chopped down by tiny axes. This is telltale cutworm damage. Here's how to identify cutworms and protect your plants from these pests.

How can I prevent cutworms from destroying my seedlings?
Cutworms are notorious for destroying tender seedlings in the garden. Here's how to protect your plants from these pests.

Five Ways to Keep Rats Out of Your Compost
No matter where you live, it's possible that eventually you'll have to deal with rats that have been attracted to your compost pile. Whether they're attracted by the possibility of food, warmth, or shelter, here's how to keep rats out of your compost.

Organic Methods of Dealing with Vegetable Garden Pests
Tried and true organic pest control methods for your vegetable garden, courtesy of About Organic Gardening readers!

Common Vegetable Garden Pests and How to Get Rid of Them
Here are some of the most common pests in the vegetable garden, and what you can do to get rid of them organically.

Tomato Hornworms
Tomato hornworms are some of the most common pests tomato growers have to contend with. This article shows you how to identify a tomato hornworm, and what to do if you find them on your plants.

Identifying and Controlling Iris Borers
Iris borers are the single biggest pest threat to irises. All types of irises are at risk of being infested by iris borers, but German "bearded" irises are the most susceptible. This article will tell you how to identify them, and what to do if you find them.

Aphids can be a real pain in the garden. This article provides a description of aphids as well as the damage they cause and several organic solutions for controlling them.

Cabbage Worms
Cabbage worms can wreak havoc on brassicas, especially in early fall. Those hungry caterpillars can turn your kale into a hole-ridden mess in no time. Luckily, they're easy to identify and deal with.

Two Homemade Sprays for Fighting Aphids
These two homemade organic sprays have a proven track record of effectiveness when it comes to getting rid of aphids.

Profiles of Some Common Organic Pesticides
There are several organic pesticides available on the market, such as insecticidal soap, Neem, and pyrethrins. What are the ingredients of these insecticides, and how do they work against garden pests? This article from About.com Gardening Guide Marie Iannotti lays out the properties of some of the most common organic insecticides.

How to Protect Bulbs from Squirrels
If squirrels are digging up your tulips as quickly as you plant them, here are some ideas for you to protect bulbs from squirrels.

Raspberry Pests and How to Get Rid of Them
Raspberries are fairly pest-free plants, but there are a few insects that can damage your plants, specifically borers, which can kill your plant within a couple of years. Here's how to identify these pests, and how to solve the problem organically.

Organic Gardening Tip: Use Sandpaper to Keep Slugs Out of the Garden
If you garden in raised beds constructed from wood frames, this tip will work beautifully to keep slugs out of your garden.

Insect-Eating Birds to Attract to Your Garden
Gardeners don't have to do all of the work themselves. There are several wild birds that can help control insect pests. Here are five of the best, and how to attract them to your garden.

Identfying and Controlling Codling Moth
Tips for identifying and controlling codling moth on your fruit trees.

Identifying and Controlling Apple Maggots
Tips and ideas for preventing and controlling apple maggot damage organically.

Common Strawberry Insect Pests and How to Control Them Organically
Here are some of the most common insect pests that cause damage to straberry plants, and how to control them organically.

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