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Organic Garden Maintenance

The day-to-day care and attention given to an organic garden makes chemical pesticides and fertilizers unnecessary. From mulching to watering, this page covers all of the essential tasks that come with maintaining an organic garden.
  1. Monthly Garden Tasks (5)

March Organic Garden To-Do List
Wondering which chores are most important to accomplish in your organic garden in October? Here's what you need to know!

How to Use Your Christmas Tree in Your Garden
Once your Christmas tree is done jollying up your holiday decorating, you can put it to use by recycling it in your garden. Here are a few ideas for reusing Christmas trees in your garden.

Ten Tips for Successful Raised Bed Gardening
Gardening in a raised bed offers plenty of advantages for the gardener, but there are a few important tips and tricks to keep in mind to grow a successful raised bed garden.

The Perfect Soil-Less Recipe for Seed Starting
Here is a very high quality recipe for a soil-less mix that is perfect for starting and growing your seeds in. This recipe works in pots, flats, cell packs, and soil blocks.

Seed Starting with Reused Containers
You don't have to shell out money for those ready-made plastic flats and greenhouse domes at the garden center for indoor seed starting. Learn how some of your fellow About.com Organic Gardening readers reuse items destined for the trash to grow plants from seed.

Use Toilet Paper Rolls for Seed Starting
You can use cardboard toilet paper rolls as inexpensive, biodegradable seed starting pots. Here's how to do it!

Growing a Vegetable Garden in Winter
If you want to be able to harvest your own fresh vegetables, even in the middle of winter, you'll need to build a simple cold frame or mini hoop house tunnel. This article explains how to garden in a mini hoop house.

Don't Just THrow Them Away!
There are plenty of alternatives to raking and bagging your leaves every fall. From making compost and leaf mold to using your leaves as mulch, this article lays out five easy ways to use autumn leaves in your garden.

Mulch for Weed Control and Soil Health
Mulch not only makes the garden look neat and tidy, but it suppresses weeds, maintains soil moisture, and adds nutrients to the soil as well. Different types of mulches have their pros and cons, and some will work better in one situation than another. Here's everything you need to know about organic mulches.

Identifying Plant Nutrient Deficencies
Poor growth and production isn't always the fault of pests and diseases. Often, nutrient deficiencies in your soil can be causing your plants to struggle. This article from About.com Gardening Guide Marie Iannotti describes several plant symptoms, as well as ways to correct the problem.

Pinching, Deadheading, and Cutting Back
Pinching and deadheading are two tasks that go a long way toward making your garden more attractive and productive. This article explains how to accomplish these important maintenance tasks.

How to Edge a Garden
Edging your garden beds makes the garden look neater while making maintenance easier for you. This video provides the basics of garden edging.

How to Prevent Heat Stress in Your Garden Plants
Heat stress in plants is a problem in many parts of the country. Here are the ideas for ways to prevent heat stress in your garden plants.

What to Do In Your Garden This Fall to Get It Ready for Planting Next Spring
Here are some tasks to do this fall to get your garden ready for winter -- as well as ideas to help spring planting go more smoothly.

Make a Free, Easy Olla to Keep Your Plants Watered
Here is a simple tip for keeping your plants from drying out in hot weather.

Growing an Organic Garden on the Cheap
Here are a few ideas for growing your organic garden cheaply and successfully. Ideas for saving money on supplies, re-using everyday items for your garden, and finding useful items for your garden for free. These cheap organic gardening tips will help your budget while helping you grow a great organic garden.

Frost Protection for Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplant: Bubble Wrap!
Here is a quick and easy way to protect your tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants from fall frost and keep your season going just a bit longer.

How to Make Seed Tape
Here are instructions for making your own seed tapes for easy planting.

Tips for Saving Water in Your Garden
Here are some (sometimes off the wall) tips for saving water in your garden.

Garden Recycling: Plastic Bags and Coffee Cans
Here are tips for reusing some of those common items destined for the trash or recycling bin. In this article, we look at ways to use kitchen scraps, coffee cans, and plastic shopping bags in your garden.

Garden Recycling: Milk Jugs and Yogurt Containers
Here are some tips for reusing milk jugs and yogurt containers in your garden.

Turn Old Window Blinds Into Plant Markers
A quick tip for turning old vinyl window blinds destined for the trash into useful markers for your gardening and seed starting.

Fall Leaf Clean-Up Tips
Tips and ideas for making your fall leaf clean-up more efficient, and how to put those leaves to use in your garden.

How to Make an Inexpensive Self-Watering Container
Here are instructions for making a simple, inexpensive self-watering container.

Three Easy Ways to Water Potted Plants
Here are three ideas for ensuring that your potted plants, whether they are indoors or out in your garden, do not dry out.

What to Do In Your Organic Garden in August
Wondering what needs to be done in your organic garden in August? This zone-by-zone to-do list will help you make the most of your time in the garden!

April Organic Gardening To-Do List
Wondering what needs to get done in your organic garden in April? This handy zone-by-zone to-do list will help you figure it out!

March Garden Chores
March is a busy time in the garden. Here's what you'll need to accomplish in your organic garden in March.

Organic Gardening To-Do List for May
Wondering what needs to happen in your organic garden in May? Here's a handy to-do list, organized by zone.

Organic Gardening To-Do List for July
Wondering which chores you need to do in your organic garden in July? This handy, zone by zone list will help you figure out what needs to be done!

Organic Gardening To Do List for June
June is a busy time in the garden! Here's what you need to do in your organic garden in June.

Garden Design Basics: Repetition, Contrast, and Color
Advice for designing your garden.

Tips for Using Eggshells in Your Organic Garden
Here are several useful tips for putting eggshells to use in your garden, from feeding the soil to protecting your plants from pests.

Propagation - Layering to Make New Plants
Here is an easy method for making new plants in your organic garden: layering. Learn about this method, and which plants it works on, then get to work making new shrubs and vines in your organic garden!

Testing Seed Viability
Here are some easy methods for checking the viability of older seeds, or for figuring out how long seeds you are unfamiliar with will take to germinate.

How to Protect Plants from Winter Damage
Here are tips for caring for your garden plants during cold winter weather.

April Organic Gardening Tasks
April is an amazing time in the garden. This gardening checklist will get you off to a strong start for the growing season!

How to Divide Summer or Fall Blooming Perennial Plants
Dividing summer or fall perennials is a task to do in the spring. See how simple it can be to divide these perennials and which plants divide easily.

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