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Definition: "Bokashi" is Japanese for "fermented organic matter." When using the bokashi method, you layer kitchen scraps (veggie and fruit, along with meat and dairy) with a Bokashi innoculant. The innoculant usually consists of either wheat germ or sawdust combined with molasses and Effective Microorganisms (EM). When layered and left to sit for up to ten days, the mixture ferments. After ten days, the fermented mixture can be dug into the garden or added to a compost pile to finish decomposing. It's an effective way to deal with kitchen scraps, and a sure way to make typically intriguing items (such as meat and dairy), less interesting to marauding animals who might raid your compost pile otherwise.

Also Known As: Bokashi composting

Examples: Once my bucket of Bokashi is finished fermenting, it is the perfect addition to my compost trenches in the vegetable garden.

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