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When is My First and Last Frost Date?


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The chart below shows the last and first frost dates for each USDA Hardiness Zone. This information is useful both in terms of knowing when to sow seeds as well as figuring out how late in the season you can plant perennials, trees, and shrubs.

Please note that the dates on this chart are approximate. Most years, the first and last frost will fall within two weeks of the date on the chart, but some years, we get a very early frost or a late snow storm that throws the dates off. Use your discretion (and your local weather forecast!) along with this chart to plan your seed starting and planting.

First and Last Frost Dates, by Hardiness Zone

USDA Hardiness Zone First Frost Date Last Frost Date
1 July 15th June 15th
2 Autust 15th May 15th
3 September 15th May 15th
4 September 15th May 15th
5 October 15th April 15th
6 October 15th April 15th
7 October 15th April 15th
8 November 15th March 15th
9 December 15th February 15th
10 December 15th January 31st (sometimes earlier)
11 No frost. No frost.
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