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Monthly Organic Gardening Tasks: April


For most of the country, April is the month when most of the real work in the garden begins. Clean-up, planting, and getting the garden off to a great start are the name of the game this month. This list is broken down into short season regions, mid-length season regions, and long season regions for the sake of simplicity. Here is how the regions are determined:
  • Short Season: USDA Hardiness Zones 1-4

  • Mid-Length Season: USDA Hardiness Zones 5-7

  • Long Season: USDA Hardiness Zones 8-11

If you are unsure which zone you are in, please check out the USDA Hardiness Zone Map.

Short Season Region Tasks for April

  • Spread compost or well-rotted manure onto the vegetable garden. You can leave it as-is or dig it into the top few inches of soil.

  • Start inspecting your garden for signs of early insect or disease problems.

  • Fertilize perennials before or during bloom with fish emulsion, which is a balanced organic fertlizer.

  • Prune winter damage from rose bushes.

  • Start looking for weeds in your lawn and garden beds. Pull or hoe them as soon as you can.

  • Later this month, fertilize your lawn with fish emulsion or seaweed extract.

  • Rake up and compost any debris from your lawn.

  • Start seeds indoors for warm-season vegetables such as eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes during the first week of the month.

  • Start seeds for herbs such as dill and basil indoors any time this month.

  • Dig and divide summer and fall blooming perennials any time this month once the soil can be worked.

  • Seed to fill in bare or weak looking patches of your lawn.

Midlength Season Region Tasks for April

  • Cover cool season transplants to protect them from flying insects.

  • Check your garden regularly for signs of pest and disease problems.

  • Feed early-blooming perennials with bonemeal or manure after they finish blooming. This will encourage strong root and foliage growth for the rest of the season.

  • Feed your lawn with seaweed extract or fish emulsion.

  • Seed over any bare or thin patches in your lawn.

  • Put peony supports in place.

  • Turn your compost pile.

  • Plant carrots, swiss chard, cabbage, broccoli, and lettuce.

  • Plant bare root roses.

Long Season Region Tasks for April

  • Check for garden pests and diseases regularly. Treat any problems as soon as possible.

  • Stake tall perennials, such as hollyhocks and foxgloves.

  • Feed fruit trees and bushes with well-rotted manure and fish emulsion.

  • Deadhead perennials as needed to promote additional bloom.
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