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A beautiful lawn doesn't have to come at the expense of the environment. It is possible to have a great lawn without using chemicals, wasting water, or polluting the air. Of course, for some, the best lawn is no lawn at all, or an alternative to turfgrass. You'll find plenty of information here about organic lawn care.

Five Steps to Growing an Organic Lawn
Organic lawn care starts with the basics: mowing and watering properly, feeding the soil, and observing the state of your lawn. This article provides the basics of caring for an organic lawn.

Tired of Mowing and Maintaining Your Lawn? What Can You Do?
If you're tired of mowing, watering, and maintaining your lawn, consider one of the many alternatives to turfgrass. This article from E/The Environmental Magazine, offers plenty of ideas for alternatives to a lawn.

Aerating Your Lawn
Aerating your lawn can have a dramatic effect on overall growth. This article from the University of Virginia Cooperative Extension Service explains why, when, and how you should aerate your lawn.

Alternatives to the Traditional Lawn
Traditional lawns can be real resource hogs. Alternatives to a traditional lawn include using native grasses and planting wildflowers. This article provides a list of suitable alternatives to the traditional lawn.

Hos to Plant a Bee-Friendly Lawn
Interested in planting a lawn that benefits native wildlife, especially bees? Here are some tips!

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