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If you are looking for an excellent canning tomato, look no further than the San Marzano.
San Marzano tomato
Photo courtesy of Pricegrabber.
The San Marzano is a plum tomato that reportedly hails from southern Italy. It is a tried and true winner for canning, as well as for making sauces, tomato paste, and ketchup. As a bonus, it is easy to peel, and the plants produce high yields of two ounce fruits.

The fruits of San Marzano are bright red, classic plum tomatoes. Generally, the fruits measure approximately three inches tall by about one inch across. They truly are best for canning or saucing; fresh eating is disappointing, because they have a dry, firm texture. These are also a good tomato for drying, either in the oven or in the sun.

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