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A monoculture of roses, while pretty, is an invitation for pests.

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The best companion plants for roses are those that share the same care requirements (in terms of light, moisture, and fertility) and also help the roses grow better. In some cases, companion plants may deter insect pests or make them less vulnerable to diseases. In others, they attract beneficial insects that will eat insect pests. Here are the most common rose companion plants.

Great Companion Plants for Roses - Members of the Allium Family

All members of the onion family are useful companions for roses. They deter aphids and other pests by confusing them with their strong scent. They also help roses combat black spot. While garlic and chives are most commonly recommended, ornamental alliums can also be used, and you get the bonus of beautiful flowers in addition to pest and disease deterrence.

Herbal Companions for Roses

Much like alliums, above, certain herbs help roses deter pests (most notably, aphids). The herbs below are the ones that work best with roses. There are several varieties of scented geranium, and they seem to all work equally well as companion plants for roses.

  • Parsley
  • Thyme
  • Scented Geraniums

Flower Companions for Roses

Many flowers make attractive additions to a rose garden, and, if they have the same light, moisture, and fertility requirements, can be planted quite successfully near roses. The flowering plants listed below, however, also provide protection against pests and diseases.

  • Lavender - helps deter rabbits.
  • Yarrow - attracts ladybugs, which will then eat any nearby aphids.
  • Marigolds - deter pests, help encourage strong plant growth.
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