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What is a garden without lush, fragrant blooms? The good news is that flowers, including annuals and perennials, and even roses, grow wonderfully without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In this section, you'll learn all about growing beautiful flowers organically.

Companion Plants for Roses
Here is a list of herbs, annuals, and perennials that make good companion plants for roses.

Three Tips for Getting More Blooms from Your Perennials
If your perennials aren't blooming as strongly as they should, these three simple tricks should get them going again.

Growing Roses Organically
Roses have a reputation for being fussy, and needing frequent doses of synthetic chemicals to survive. About.com Gardening guide Marie Iannotti illustrates how to grow roses organically in this article.

Clay Busters: Plants for Gardens with Clay Soil
One of the most important facets of organic gardening is learning about your site and then selecting plants that will thrive there. If you've got clay soil, you'll want to spend time improving it. In the meantime, there are several annual and perennial flowers, as well as ornamental grasses, that will grow in clay soils.

Pruning Clematis
Clematis have a reputation for being tricky to grow, mainly because of the confusion over when and how to prune. This article helps allay some of the fears about pruning, and provides helpful guidelines for how to prune.

Flowers That Plant Themselves
One of the easiest ways to grow a lush garden that is full of blooms is to plant annuals and perennials that will reliably self-sow in your zone. This article from Organic Gardening magazine lists several great self-sowers.

How to Grow Purple Coneflower
Learn all about how to grow Purple Coneflower, a beautiful, care-free native perennial that is also useful medicinally.

Planting Spring Flowering Bulbs: Correct Planting Depths
Here is a quick reference for how to know how deeply to plant most spring flowering bulbs, including tulips, daffodils, and alliums.

East Coast Wildflower Seeds for Seed Balls
Here is a list of wildflowers that would be great to include in seed balls for the East Coast, either for guerilla gardening or just to use in your own garden.

Wildflower Seed Balls for the Northwest
If you're planning on making seed balls for guerilla gardening (or just want to know which wildflowers grow well) in the Northwest, this list provides plenty of good low-maintenance options.

Wildflower Seeds to Add to Seed Balls for the West Coast
If you're making seed balls to use on the west coast, or just trying to figure out which wildflowers grow best in that region, this list provides several suggestions for no-maintenance west coast wildflowers.

Southeast Wildflower Seeds for Seed Balls
If you are planning to do a bit of guerilla gardening and make some seed balls, or are just wondering which wildflowers will grow most easily in your garden in the Southeast United States, this list provides plenty of good suggestions.

Review: Eat Your Roses by Denise Schreiber
A review of "Eat Your Roses: ...Pansies, Lavender and 49 Other Delicious Edible Flowers" by Denise Schreiber

Seed Balls: How to Make Them, and Customize Them for Your Region
A collection of articles about making seed balls, including recipes for wildflower mixes for different regions of the United States.

How to Grow Butterfly Weed in Your Garden
Butterfly Weed, formally known as Asclepias tuberosa, is a perfect choice for a butterfly garden. It is low maintenance, colorful, and attracts butterflies and caterpillars all season long. Here's how to grow it.

How to Grow Sunflowers in Your Garden
How to grow sunflowers, including planting from seed, plant care, organic control of sunflower pests and diseases, and recommended varieties.

How to Protect Bulbs from Squirrels
If squirrels are digging up your tulips as quickly as you plant them, here are some ideas for you to protect bulbs from squirrels.

How to Save Zinnia Seeds
Grow your favorite zinnia varieties year after year. It's easy to save your own zinnia seeds. Here's how to do it.

Add Color Anywhere with Annual Flowering Vines
Looking for a flowering vine to add color to a trellis or railing? Here are five beautiful ideas.

How and When to Prune Lilacs
Wondering when and how to prune the lilacs in your garden? Here's what you need to know.

Great Plants for Shady Gardens
Wondering what to plant in that shady spot in your garden? Here are a few suggestions to add color and drama to your shade garden.

How to Grow Cosmos Organically
Information for how to grow organic cosmos flowers in your garden.

How to Grow Daylilies Organically
Information for growing organic daylilies in your garden.

How to Grow Bleeding Hearts Organically
Tips and information for growing organic bleeding hearts in your garden.

How to Grow Heuchera, AKA Coral Bells, Organically
Here are tips for growing heuchera in your garden, organically.

What is a Bulb?
Wondering what the different types of bulbs you plant in your garden are, and how they grow? This article explains the growth cycle and habits of bulbs.

How to Grow Ageratum in Your Organic Flower Garden
Tips for growing ageratum in your organic flower garden.

7 Easy, Colorful Annuals for Your Organic Garden
Here are suggestions for seven really easy, colorful annual flowers for your organic garden.

Tips for Growing Red Twig Dogwoods Organically
If you love the look of red twig dogwood shrubs, here are some tips for growing them organically in your garden.

Organic Flower Gardening: Bulbs for Naturalizing
Naturalizing bulbs in your garden.

How to Grow Annual Flowers Organically
Tips for growing annuals organically.

How To Bring Annuals Indoors to Overwinter
Tips for overwintering annual flowering plants indoors.

How to Grow Geraniums Organically
Tips for growing geraniums organically.

Growing a Perennial Flower Garden: Choosing Plants
Here are some things to consider when you're planning an organic perennial garden.

Perennial Gardens: How to Pinch, Cut Back and Thin Perennial Plants
Tips for pruning perennials.

Growing Spring-Flowering Bulbs Organically
Tips for growing spring bulbs organically.

Cottage Garden Perennials and Shrubs
Flowering perennials and shrubs form an easy-maintenance foundation for the organic cottage garden filled with heirloom plant varieties.

Cottage Garden Annuals and Biennials
Many of the heirloom plants common in cottage gardens are annuals or biennials for easy pops of color, fragrance, and volunteer seedlings

Organic Perennials for Brewing Homemade Tea
Gardeners on a budget are always looking for ways to maximize their money. These perennial plants have been used in teas and tea blends for ages.

Edible Flowers for Victory Garden Beauty
While many gardeners think of fruits and vegetables in their victory garden, many beautiful flowering plants have edible blossoms.

Cool-Season Cut Flower Annuals for Homegrown Flower Arrangements
Add a few cool-season annuals to your cut-flower garden for color during off seasons. See five of the best cool weather annual cut flower plants.

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