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Vermicomposting: How to Set Up a Worm Bin


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Obtain a Worm Bin
plastic worm bin

A pre-made, plastic worm bin.

Colleen Vanderlinden
The first thing you need to do is get your hands on a bin. You can purchase pre-made worm bins via mail order fairly inexpensively; you can also make your own out of a plastic storage bin or wooden crate. No matter which type you go with, keep in mind that its size should correlate to how much food waste your household generates.

If you generate ½ pound of food waste per day, (generally, for a family of two) your worm bin should measure at least four feet in surface area (a 2' by 2' bin) and you should fill it with one pound of worms.

If you generate 1 pound of food waste per day (typical for a family of four) either go with two 2' by 2' bins, each with a pound of worms, or find or make a bin that is at least 3' by 3' and fill it with two pounds of worms.

Keep in mind that the bin does not need to be very deep. Red worms live and eat in the top six to eight inches of material.

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