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How do I get rid of fruit flies in my worm bin?


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Question: How do I get rid of fruit flies in my worm bin?
One of the most common worm bin problems comes has nothing to do with the worms at all, but with pesky fruit flies that flutter out of the bin every time you open it. You don't have to live with fruit flies if you decide to vermicompost. Here's how to keep your worm bin fruit fly free.
Answer: There are a couple of ways to prevent fruit flies in your worm bin. If you're having a problem, try one or more of the following:
  • Wash all produce thoroughly before adding peels to the bin. Fruit fly eggs are practically invisible, and are found on most fruit peels. By scrubbing all produce well before peeling and adding those peels to your worm bin, you can prevent a good number of fruit flies from ever hatching.

  • Microwave all contents to be placed into the worm bin for at least one minute. The heat from the microwave will kill any hitchhiking fruit fly eggs, and they won't end up in your bin.

  • To prevent fruit flies from getting into your bin and laying eggs on the fruit and veggie peels, always be sure to bury your food waste under a couple inches of bedding material.

  • As the contents of your worm bin break down, be sure to add more bedding to keep the food within from becoming exposed. This will ensure that any fruit flies in the area won't find the food inside and lay their eggs on it.
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