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Making and Using Compost

Organic gardeners know that compost is a necessary part of a healthy garden. There are different ways of making compost, and several ways to use it in the garden.
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Making and Using Leaf Mold
Leaf mold is a free, easy to make soil amendment. Here are tips and instructions for how to make it, as well as suggestions for how to use it in your garden.

Composting Myths: The Truth Behind Common Composting Myths
There are many misconceptions about composting, from the notion that compost piles stink to the idea that any kind of kitchen waste is safe to compost. This article from About.com Green Living guide Courtney Curtis breaks these myths, providing the truth about composting.

Set Aside Some Fall Leaves for Spring and Summer Composting
Here's a quick compost tip to keep in mind this fall when you're raking all of those leaves off of your lawn.

Review: "The Complete Compost Gardening Guide"
Review of the book "The Complete Compost Gardening Guide."

The Benefits of Composting
What are the benefits of composting in your garden? There are several, both in terms of garden health and reducing the amount of waste we produce.

What is Manure Tea? And How Do I Use it in My Garden?
Manure tea is one of the most valuable concoctions to make for your garden. Here's an explanation of manure tea, and how to make it.

All-Natural Fertilizers for Your Organic Garden
Are you wondering which types of natural fertilizers will work best in your organic garden? Here are some of the most common natural fertilizers.

How to Make Vermicompost Tea

Crops to Grow for Your Compost Pile
Here are suggestions for nutrient-rich plants you can grow specifically to add to your compost pile.

How to Make Compost Fast
Here are tips for making compost more quickly. These methods will help you get finished compost in about a month.

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