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Gift Guide: Best (Practical) Gifts for Organic Gardeners


While there are many cutesy garden tchochkes out there for gardeners, many of us tend to be on the practical side. With that in mind, here are some gift ideas for organic gardeners -- and you can be sure that these gifts will be used, and often!

Felco #2 Pruners

Oh, the Felco #2s. The Holy Grail of pruners. They never need sharpening, and they fit in your hand like they were made for you. Sturdy and well-made; expect squeals of delight and maybe a kiss or two if you give these to your favorite gardener.

SpinBin Composter

There are many spinning composters out there, and they can be on the pricey side. The Spin Bin Composter is reasonably priced, easy to use, and sturdy. It makes compost very quickly, and is a great fit for small gardens.

The Worm-A-Way Vermicomposter

The Worm-A-Way composting system is perfect for the organic gardener who wants to get started with vermicomposting. The sturdy plastic bin is just the right size for the food scraps from a family of two to four people. The kit comes with the compost bin, red wiggler worms, and Mary Applehof's classic "Worms Eat My Garbage."

The Happy Farmer Bokashi Composting Kit

For the die-hard organic gardener, consider giving the gift of Bokashi. This method of composting allows the gardener to compost all types of food scraps -- even meat and dairy -- because the Bokashi ferments the scraps so they decompose readily in the soil. The kit includes a Bokashi composting bucket that fits well in a kitchen cabinet, a bag of Bokashi bran, and complete instructions.

Garden Tools

For the gardener who's just starting out, consider a few basic gardening tools. A good trowel, a hoe, a sturdy watering can -- all would be greatly appreciated!

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