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Garden Book Review: "Projects for the Birder's Garden"

About "Projects for the Birder's Garden"

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review of Projects for the Birder's Garden

Backyard birds make a garden complete. Their songs enhance our time in the garden, and watching birds at a feeder or bird bath is more entertaining than any television show. In Projects for the Birder's Garden from the editors of Yankee Magazine, you'll find over 100 projects to invite birds into your garden.

Review: "Projects for the Birder's Garden"

Backyard birding is a favorite past-time for many gardeners, and those of us who enjoy watching our feathered friends flit around the garden are always looking for more ways to entice them to stay a while. That is why books like Projects for the Birder's Garden (as well as another book I've reviewed here, The Bird Friendly Backyard) have found a home on my book shelf.

The nice thing about Projects for the Birder's Garden is that it offers a wide range of projects, from those for absolute beginners to more complex projects such as building birdhouses and nesting boxes. So whether you have a few minutes or a weekend to spend, you're likely to find something to make for your garden in this book.

Each project in the book is comprised of very clearly written, step-by-step instructions, as well as illustrations and/or diagrams. Sidebars throughout the book provide additional tips and pointers. In addition, there are plenty of charts throughout the book that provide very useful information. In the beginning of the book, a chart provides the names, descriptions, and notes on behavior of several common backyard birds. You'll also find several charts and lists of recommended plants throughout the book. One of the most useful resources in Projects for the Birder's Garden is a chart of recommended dimensions (including hole size and hanging height) for birdhouses for different bird species.

There are also chapters on bird baths and water features, as well as how to encourage nesting in your garden. One of the nicest things about the book is that you really can find several projects to work on, no matter what size your garden is. Not all of us have space to plant a grape arbor for the birds, but we all have room to install a windowsill bird feeder or leave some materials for the birds to make their nests. If you love birds, this is definitely the book for you.

Sample Projects from "Projects from the Birder's Garden"

Below is a list of some of the projects you'll find in this book:

  • Feeders, including a mourning dove dish, buffet tray, woodpecker feeder, flowerpot seed bell, nyger tube feeder, windowsill feeder, coffee can feeder, edible garland, suet log feeder, soda bottle tube feeder, milk carton hopper feeder, butterfly fruit station, and manure feeder
  • Bird treat recipes, including peanut butter stretch, suet peanut butter filling, suet muffins, suet pie, dough ball treats, homemade suet cakes, homemade nectar solution
  • Feeding stations, including a little red wagon portable station, a woodland-look feeding station, an evergreen Christmas treat station, and a window feeding station
  • Gardening ideas, including a self-renewing bird garden, patio pot grapevine, nesting materials garden, shrub stop, miniature marsh garden, hummingbird window box garden, and hummingbird perches
  • Birdbaths and water features, including a pedestal birdbath, basin in a stump, heat lamp bath, lighted birdbath, dripper, homemade rain chain, pond for birds
  • Ways to encourage nesting, such as a hanging basket for the birds, a bird-brained wreath, deadwood gulch, mop strings for birds, and nesting materials supply station
  • Birdhouses, including swallows, traditional birdhouses, gourd houses, wren houses, and pole-mounted birdhouses


I very highly recommend Projects for the Birder's Garden to anyone who is interested in inviting our feathered friends into their garden. The projects, in general, are quite simple, and the instructions help even a novice complete the building projects successfully. In addition, if you have children, they will absolutely love helping you with some of these projects.

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