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Garden Book Review: "Easy Garden Projects to Make, Build, and Grow

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easy garden projects to make build and grow

Easy Garden Projects to Make, Build, and Grow, by Barbara Pleasant, contains a whopping 200 DIY projects for your garden. From building useful garden structures to helping out our feathered friends, chances are good that you will find a fun weekend project in this book to make your garden even more enjoyable.

Review: "Easy Garden Projects to Make, Build, and Grow"

It seems like there's always something we need for our gardens. Whether it's another trellis, a plant stand, a new container, or a better way to keep our plants protected from the weather...it's always something. But you don't have to buy, when you can make!

One of the things I enjoyed most about this book is how many of the projects repurpose items, rather than buying new materials. Old ladders become plant stands and trellis, wooden crates become planters, and a cardboard box becomes a mini-greenhouse. None of the projects in this book require super carpentry skills, and all of them are very inexpensive, made from items you have on hand or can buy inexpensively.

The projects in the book are organized by use, as follows:

  • Digging In: Creating Good Homes for Plants
  • Raising Them Right
  • Teepees, Trellises and Other Smart Plant Supports
  • Ingenious Ways to Water
  • Stretching Every Season
  • Attracting Wildlife to Your Garden
  • Solving Pest Problems in Earth-Safe Ways
  • Special Crops for Handy Gardeners

While there are many good projects in the book, the chapter on crops for handy gardeners was my favorite overall. I can easily see myself taking on any of these projects. Growing willow for weaving, grapes for not only fruit but grapevine for crafting, growing your own grains, or flowers for potpourri ... all of it seems like a lot of fun, if only space were no object.

In addition to the topical organization mentioned above, there is also a very useful index in this book that makes it very easy to find projects for whatever is going on in your garden. Simply find your situation, pick a project, and get to work. These topics include:

  • Projects for Starting a New Garden
  • Projects that Make the Most of a Small Garden
  • Projects for Large Gardens
  • Container Gardening Projects
  • Projects for Creating a Beautiful Landscape
  • Projects for Growing Fresh Food
  • Projects for Growing Fantastic Flowers
  • Projects for Cold-Climate Gardens
  • Projects for Hot-Climate Gardens
  • Projects for Extreme Conditions
  • Projects to Enhance Your Ecosystem
  • Projects for Bird Lovers
  • Projects that Solve Pest Problems
  • Projects to Do Indoors
  • Projects for Pure Garden Pleasure
  • Projects to Make a Good Garden Better

The best thing about a book like this is that not only does it provide you with plenty of projects to do, but it helps you come up with creative ideas of your own. Once you start repurposing and making things for your garden, you'll see every box, bottle, piece of twine, or scrap of wood in a whole new way. You'll start to realize that a bit of elbow grease can easily solve a problem without your having to run to the store to buy something new. This mindset seems to mesh well with organic gardening, which is, truly, about paying attention and seeing the garden differently.


I recommend Easy Garden Projects to Make, Build, and Grow for any gardener who enjoys a DIY project now and then, or who would like to be the kind of gardener who enjoys DIY projects. Whether you decide to take on a practical project or one purely for the enjoyment of making something with your own two hands, it will be time well spent..

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