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"The Resilient Gardener"

By February 11, 2011

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Back in December, I talked a little bit on my blog about Carol Deppe's book The Resilient Gardener, and I was happy to see that several readers were interested in learning more about the book.

I finally have a full review up of The Resilient Gardener -- let me just say that you need to get your hands on this book if you're interested in really feeding yourself from your garden. Aside from recommending crops that provide a decent amount of calories and nutrients, Deppe focuses on recommending crops that are good keepers, without canning or freezing. Beans, winter squash, potatoes, and corn are her top four crops for your garden. She also highly recommends keeping ducks or chickens for eggs if at all possible.

What I loved about this book, right from the start, is that Deppe believes that gardening shouldn't just be a good-time, leisure activity. She states, rightly, that most people grow a garden when they've got plenty of time and money on their hands. But a garden should work for us even in the worst of times -- when we're sick or injured, or when life is in chaos. I haven't had any injuries or devastation in my life lately, but I can tell you that I thought of her advice in relation to having a new baby around. I had a baby in 2009 and another in 2010, and I can tell you that my garden was not anywhere close to what I wanted it to be. There just wasn't time! Had I known about Deppe's advice back then, I could have planned for a more resilient gardener, and eaten more fresh food from my garden those years.

Whether you're finding that you don't have time to grow the garden you want, or life is becoming a bit more complicated, or you just want to grow and eat more food from you own garden, year-round, this is the book for you. Check out my full review here.


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